Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Spring Break Fever 2: Beach Party by Gameloft

This year again, pack your bags for the biggest
party of the year! Play through 46 wild mini-games,
including arm wrestling, beach volleyball, break
dancing, and food fight! No instructions, just guess
how to play each game in less than 5 seconds to
become this year's Spring Break big shot! Throw
caution to the wind and go wild at the most popular
Spring Break destination in the world. This tropical
fiesta is just getting started!
* 46 wild mini-games including 10 exclusive new
* 8 party spots such as the hotel, beach, yacht, bar,
nightclub, and campfire.
* Guess how to play each mini-game in 5 seconds!
* Survival mode: Play game after game and beat
your highest score!
* Time-attack mode: Can you keep up with the pace
of your favorite mini-game?

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