Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

Secret of GTA San Andreas PS2

Idle Screensaver:
Do not move CJ for 2-3 minutes. The display
will be removed and the camera will start to
follow and zoom into any activity going on (ie.
Pursuits, fights, people talking).
Change the size of the moon:
Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle and it will
grow until it reaches a certain size when he will
shrink when you shoot it again.
Civilian Lemmings:
Go to the gym in Las Venturas, and through
the bomb garage next to it. Stand in that alley
and look at the building across the street to
your right -- and you'll see people jumping
and walking off the roof. It will only happen if
you stand in that alley and watch it from there.
It's pretty much a Lemmings Easter Egg since
Rockstar North made Lemmings (the company
was known as DMA then)
Funny License Plates:
If you import a car at the docks, most but not
all cars have plates that differ from normal
ones. One says "our fergie", or "disco stu",
and a really special one says "ea sucks". Try it

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